The #1 solution to stop bedwetting as soon as it happens.


When a parent is made aware to changes in their child’s temperature, diaper humidity and regular activity, they can better parent the child.  

What is the Smart Diaper?

From newborns to toddlers, the wearable Smart Diaper will immediately notify a parent of any change in a child’s diaper. By protecting your child from unnecessary diaper rash, assistance in potty-training and resolving embarrassing bedwetting situations, the Smart Diaper is the perfect assistant for any parent.  


Make Any Diaper a Smart Diaper.

All children require a diaper; why not make it a Smart Diaper? 

We don’t expect children to understand the potential discomfort to wetting their diaper, to intuitively regulate their body’s functions or to provide detailed communication. The Smart Diaper will assist the child and parent by providing the information for you. 

By providing critical, real-time data, the Smart Diaper will help parents monitor and better train their child. 

  • Immediately respond to diaper wetting events
  • Record time of diaper wetting events
  • Compare day-to-day activity
  • Monitor humidity and temperature


We understand that healthy child development is related to their overall comfort. We strive to prepare you with the most consistent, in-depth and critical information needed to make this a reality.


Your child’s first wearable!

Quickly and Easily Pairs with Google and Apple Devices.


Free APP available on Google Play / Apple’s APP store.   



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2x Dry Mornings Sensors: $55ea

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